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Spam Fingerprinting Technology

Overview Fingerprinting Intelligence ActiveFilter Technology Anti-Virus

At BlackSun, We pay attention to the latest trends. Approximately 90-96% of all email traffic is spam or malware, according to data from the Cloudmark Global Threat Network®, which processes over 4.5 billion messages per day. The number of phishing attacks alone grew 90% in the past year.

BlackSun's algorithms are designed to target sophisticated spamming and virus techniques. Hosting your email on our systems Sets you apart from other web hosting companies. All spammers test their messages before mass-mailing them out. Dont' be fooled by other Spam filtering solutions. Ask your provider what they use. BlackSun is apart of a network that will automatically detect and block stop spammers in near real time. Our Combined Fingerprinting technology has these advantages over other Spam-filtering solutions:

  • Resistant to polymorphic mutations, such as changes in text, URL, image, sender or other attributes
  • Language and content-agnostic analysis detects spam in all languages , such as Chinese, Japanese and Korean) and formats, such as images, .pdf, etc
  • Future-proof: fingerprinting algorithms can be fine-tuned to adapt to new categories of spam and virus threats
  • Computationally-lightweight fingerprinting is keeps your email flowing faster
  • Cache of threat fingerprints within our Cloudmark Authority is updated every 30-60 seconds for protection against the latest attacks. What does this mean? Spammers are stopped in their tracks within 90 seconds of their initial launch!
  • BlackSun automatically takes care of the system for you, so you never have to worry about your email again

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