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CloudMark Sender Intelligence Instant Global threat Response

Overview Fingerprinting Intelligence ActiveFilter Technology Anti-Virus

At BlackSun, we offer a unique combination of granular spam filtering combined with the intelligence of the Cloudmark network. As a result, BlackSun can more rapidly identify spamming senders as well as good senders and close the vulnerability gap.

Cloudmark Sender Intelligence™ (CSI) is a comprehensive global sender monitoring and analysis system that delivers timely and accurate reputation on good, bad, and suspect senders. CSI uses real-time data from Cloudmark's Global Threat Network™ system to create the industry's most comprehensive sender reputation service.

Cloudmark Sender Intelligence updates its data in real time our servers receive updates within 30-90 seconds. This is a significant improvement over traditional DNSBLs that typically update very infrequently. It's also an improvement over existing query-based reputation services because the data can reside in our Canadian data center, meaning your data never leaves BlackSun. Other service providers try and solve Spam and Virus problems by routing your sensitive email data outside the country!

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